Uxbridge Housing Authority
31 Calumet Court • Box 391
Uxbridge, MA 01569
Phone: (508) 278-3232
FAX: (508) 278-3232

Frequently Asked Questions

What housing assistance does Uxbridge Housing Authority provide?
The Authority administers a variety of housing programs sponsored by the State of Massachusetts These programs include, State-Aided Family and Veterans units, Elderly/Handicapped units owned by the UHA.
Where and how do I apply?
Applications may be picked up at the Authority’s main office, 31 Calumet Court, during normal working hours. (Monday, thru Friday from 8:30-2:30). Applications will be mailed upon request. Apply online to CHAMP (Common Housing Application for Massachusetts Public Housing). See our "Links" area to apply online.
What do I need to provide for verification?
Applicants are required to provide us with verification of the information contained in the application filed when requested by the HA. This will include but not be limited to; sources of income, assets, medical expenses/insurance (>3% of gross income), family composition, age, & handicap/disability status if any. Verification may include: pay stubs, social security award letters; copy of pension checks bank accounts etc.
How do I qualify for assistance?
You must be a legal resident of the United States and qualify by way of income, age, disability, handicap, and family composition.
Net Income Limits per DHCD Effective March 1, 2019
(1) person = $55,350 (2) people = $63,250 (3) people =$71,150 (4) people = $79,050 . (5) people = $85,400 (6) people = $91,700 (7) people = $98,050 (8) people = $104,350
What are the age requirements?
The only age requirement is for Senior Citizen Housing. To qualify, the applicant or applicant’s spouse must be at least 60 at the time of application. All other applications, including handicapped and disabled individuals must be of legal age to enter into a lease.
How are applicants selected?
Within each bedroom category, all applicants are housed in chronological order according to the date filed and any Preference or Priority the applicant may qualify for.
Are there any preferences?
Yes. The Authority will grant a preference for Uxbridge residents. Veterans that qualify will receive a preference. The Authority has an Affirmative Action preference. The Authority has established Affirmative Action goals within family and elderly housing. Minority applicants may receive a preference if these goals have not yet been met.
What about emergencies?
The State programs make allowances for emergencies. If you are eligible for a standard application and have been displaced by public action or by a natural disaster, you will receive the highest priority.
How do I qualify as an emergency case?
If you lose your home because the unit fails to meet the minimum standards of the State Sanitary Code, and is determined to be unfit for human habitation, or if the applicant is living in a situation in which there is a significant immediate and direct threat to the life or safety of the applicant or a household member, you may also be granted a priority.
What do I do if I qualify as an emergency case?
To qualify for a priority you must fill out the appropriate portion of the application for current housing situation.
Where wil I live?
When a vacancy occurs the Authority will select the next applicant on the waiting list for that apartment. If the applicant declines to accept the apartment offer, within 7 working days from the date of the unit offer, the applicant is allowed 3 refusals before being removed from the list. (Except for Good Cause refusals.) The Authority also has a few apartments specifically designed for handicapped individuals.
How much rent will I pay?
Your rent is based on your household’s annual adjusted gross income. For both State and Federally funded programs your rent is computed at 30% (27% in state programs when you pay all of the utilities) of your adjusted income, less the standard deduction for utilities paid by you. There are deductions in your rent or income for those tenants who pay all or part of the utility expenses. Rents are adjusted on an annual basis or more often if your income changes while you are a tenant.
Is there a waiting list?
Yes. All of the programs have a waiting list. The length varies by program, however even though the Authority may provide you with an estimate of time you will wait, there is no way to accurately predict the actual length of time on the waiting list. The authority is unable to predict when or how many vacancies may occur in any given period of time. Those in need of housing assistance may apply for more than one program.
What are the Fair Market Rents in the Worcester area?
(1) bedroom = $1134 (2) bedroom = $1450 (3) bedroom = $1804